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"LOVE THIS BIB! My son is the ultimate drooler - he drops what I like to call "drool bombs!" My Ashleybug bib catches them all, and I'm able to keep him in the same outfit all day.  
The quality is great - fabric is so soft, and looks adorable on my son. Thank you Ashleybug!"

-Elizabeth, VA

"This company's customer service is amazing, the product arrives quickly and is priced excellently compared to similar products in the market. Thanks Ashleybug!"

-Gillian, VA


From AlyGators 



I am beginning to think there is a baby fairy out there and every time I log onto the computer someone else is pregnant.  Just for that, I can’t possibly think of a better reason to keep brining you more and more baby products. Especially ones as cute as these!  

Ashleybug.com has created organic bibs, burp cloths and some of the cutest baby essentials. So when I found her website, I just knew her products were going to be perfect for our fans.   

So what makes AshleyBug products organic? Ashleybug designs their own fabrics which are printed using water based inks on high quality organic cotton. The cotton is grown without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides on the land and given at least three years to rid itself of any and all toxic residues.

The real question is what does that do to the quality and design of the product? Well personal opinion, we love them! The birp cloth we received is cut rounded which makes them more comfortable and easier to use over your shoulder rather than the traditional rectangular designs. And the bibs are designed with a short and wide design which is perfect for catching drool or food during meal times.  

The beauty in the product though, that’s what makes AshleyBug perfect for a gift. The bib and burp cloth sets are deisnged to match and then packaged up so perfectly to add a little tissue paper and give right away. The hand made quality of AshleyBug will leave a wonderful lasting experience for the new mom and dad when they receive the gift you choose just for them. 

From Spunky Real Deals



Ashley Bug Organics {Green Baby Review & Giveaway}

The "green movement" is here to stay. We as parents are demanding safer and better quality baby items than we had as children. Ashley Bug Organics is among those small businesses Eco-consciously focused on safety, quality, and let's not forget FUN baby items! Speaking of fun...is there anything more fun than a brightly-colored doughnut with sprinkles? 

This pink-sprinkled Organic Doughnut Teether comes beautifully package in a box that looks as if you just came from the local bakery. The doughnut teether is much larger than I would have originally thought too! Connected to the doughnut teether is a wooden ring. It is duel teething action. This is one of the most adorable organic baby items I have ever seen! Perfect as a baby shower gift, but personally I would straight up buy this for my own babes. My 18 month old is still teething! This is an item you will purchase and later say, "I am so glad we bought this!". The Organic Doughnut Teether is actually a new edition to the Ashley Bug Organics family. Their specialty lies in organic textiles with patterns that are completely unique to the company itself.

Organic bibs, Washcloths, Burp cloths, Gift sets, Custom orders, it seems Ashley Bug Organics does it all!  The patterns are beautiful, but it really is the texture that won me over. Honestly, I have never felt a softer "organic cloth" in my life. Another point. Do you travel? My family practically always has a suitcase packed to travel! These organic cloths are saviors on the road. Whether your child is simply covered in food(or something else) I believe these organic cloths should be in your arsenal! Ashley Bug Organics textiles would make a fantastic baby shower and Christmas gift for the babes in your life! *Note that the items above were sent to me by Ashley Bug Organics for purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own.

From Scattered Seashells


AshleyBug Organics Review & Giveaway

Do you guys remember my little sister Jessica?

I chatted about her a few times! She’s the one I’m visiting! Yay :)

Anyway! She’s a great stay-at-home-mom to her baby Avelyn. They keep themselves busy by climbing on Playstations, eating bits of carpet, getting stuck under cribs… ok, mostly the baby. But my sister took a little side job she could do easily at home and during naps – she cuts fabric!

The lady she cuts fabric for is Ashley from AshleyBug Organics. They chatted a bit and Jessica mentioned I was a blogger, and Ashley mentioned that she frequently sends out products for bloggers to review. I was curious, so I checked out her site.

Awesome stuff! 

AshleyBug Organics sells teething “drool” bibs, wash cloths, teethers, and burp cloths. All of them are made from high quality organic materials. I had to review it!

Please excuse the horrible iPhone photos…

I received a set of organic wash cloths and a large-sized bib with the umbrella pattern to review. As soon as I got the box, I ripped it open. I was amazed at how soft everything was. So nice!

I wrangled Penny and tried the bib on her. She doesn’t need a teething bib, since she doesn’t drool much, but I had to see how it looks. It was super cute!

Later that night I tried out a wash cloth at bath time. Even wet, it was so soft and easy to handle. It cleaned up Penny well too. I’m hooked!

And now on to the giveaway… you could…

From Dirty Truth Reviews


Ashleybug Organics Etsy Shop - Review & Giveaway

Organic products are great, and although I cannot afford for everything I own to be organic I am trying to get as many organic products as possible for the baby!  After all, their skin, etc. is so sensitive already why give them products with pesticides and chemicals in the cotton?  I am excited to have quite a few organic products that will be much safer and natural for my little one!

I really enjoyed all the different choices of fabric available in AshleyBug Organics Etsy Shop and on www.AshleyBug.com.  I decided on the tea party drool bib & burp cloth set and a doughnut teether to test out!

I loved the design and how soft and professionally sewn the fabric was.  The drool bibs are adorable - they are a little smaller than the bibs you would use for a meal as these bibs are for little ones to wear through out the day to protect their outfits from drool and spit up!  What a great idea to have a product like this because I cannot tell you how many outfits of my older daughter got stained by spit up, milk, etc when she was younger!

I fell in love with the organic doughnut teether (made from 100% organic wool).  They are so cute and mine actually had white "icing" instead of the pink.  They come in a cute little bakery box and not only are they soft but they are very functional!  I loved that it has a small wooden ring so you can hang the teether from the car seat, stroller, etc....  These would be a perfect baby shower gift idea (and they have cupcake teethers too!)

The Dirty Truth is Ashleybug Organics is the place to go when you want organic baby products!  All of the fabric used is organic and Ashley designs all of the fabric and sews all the products to ensure that your product will be high quality and original for your little one!  I love having unique products and love when you can get such high quality organic products at affordable prices!

From Babies Gotta Have It

Babies Gotta Have Vintage Designs - Ashleybug Organics Giveaway

Here’s another great review from Kristin! Enjoy!

MD in a Super Cute Bib from Ashleybug Organics

Do you have a messy, drooling little one? A baby with enough drool to hydrate an entire small country? I do! And, Ashleybug Organics offers so many fun, all-natural drool bibs, pacifier clips, and burp cloths/lovies in super cute vintage designs! I particularly love the Sheep pattern (as seen on MD), but there are so many great patterns from which to choose. For example, I think the Apple Treepattern would be perfect for a sweet baby girl, and the Elephant and Sailboatpatterns are just adorable for those special little boys in your life!

The Sheep Pattern from Ashleybug Organics

The Ashleybug Organic products are handmade with soft organic cotton and backed with organic flannel (which is great to keep them in place on your shoulder even when your little one does not stay still). Each fabric is designed and sewn with the best quality organic cotton. This means that instead of conventional cotton, this fabric is grown without any fertilizers or pesticides, and on land that has had three years to remove any toxic chemicals from the soil (from previous other plants). I’m always willing to spend a little more to buy organic because giving your babies the pampered, organic treatment they deserve, for a fraction of the cost of the fancy baby boutiques, should be a priority. Especially when your little one has sensitive skin like mine (and you will love that they have been prewashed in organic washing detergent)!

Ashleybug Organics Bib and Burp Cloth Set

Although my little boy isn’t quite ready for the solids yet, his Ashleybug Organic bib and burp cloth are getting a ton of use. And, they are holding up incredibly well through all the drool, spit-up, and washings! The drool bib has a snap closure at the back, which is great for keeping it in place without the scratchiness of Velcro. But, the feature I love the most: the drool bib is short…so those little hands cannot push it up over his nose and mouth. I don’t worry when I strap on the Ashleybug drool bib, whereas, I refuse to use most bibs because MD inevitably pushes them up over his face and I’m paranoid enough to think he’ll suffocate! If you are a “mamanoid” like me, I am certain you will love this bib!

With the approaching holiday season, can you think of a friend with a new baby?Ashleybug carries great one-of-a-kind baby gifts and baby shower gifts. Or, if you want to treat yourself to a few stain-free, organic bibs and burpees, you are sure to have a clean, dry shoulder even if your little one drools like mine!

Hurry to Ashleybug Organics to find your own adorable products or gifts!

From Our Kids 8/17/2011

Ashleybug Organics

I like organic. It's soft and pure and this shop has just that. Ashleybug Organics is a locally owned business in Centreville, Virginia that offers its clients organic bibs and burp cloths (another great gift idea!). I was lucky enough to try out my very own precious baby bib and burp cloth with my 3 month old. I was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the material. The burp cloth stayed in place and the bib did a stellar job of soaking up baby spit.

The products are made from organic cotton, which is grown without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Most moms of newborns know that if the wind blows the wrong way, a rash can break out on their newborns skin. Organic material helps offset that chance by providing harmless natural fibers to your babies skin.

Ashleybug Organics offers their clients several adorable patterns to include ladybugs, fishbowls, and my personal favorite, the elephants. The bibs come in two different sizes (small and large). The small bibs are just $10 and the large bibs are $12. Matching burp cloths can be purchased for $15. Gift sets are also available.

With excellent craftsmanship and beautiful attention to detail, Ashleybug Organics is a shop that I am happy to support! All items are handmade and if I do say so myself, a great addition to any sweet peas wardrobe. Check it out for yourself and consider ordering a bib and burp cloth for your friends and family members! You can also 'like' them on Facebook so that you can be in the know about their latest product releases.

From Saving U Green 7/13/2011

Ashleybug Organics Giveaway & Review

Ashleybug Organics is a Virginia based company developed to make organic products more affordable and accessible. Ashley spent a large amount of time researching how to make high quality and durable baby products.  So often durable isn't very pretty! Ashleybug Organics combines the best of both worlds.

So many people have asked me, "Why buy organics"?   I have also been asked repeatedly, "Why buy organic cotton items, it's not like you're eating it so what's the big deal??"  Ashley answers this perfectly on the Ashleybug Organics website.

These are Ashleybug Organics facts on why it's important to purchase organic cotton:
  • Conventional cotton uses 10 percent of all agricultural chemicals and 25 percent of the world’s insecticides
  • One-third of a pound of chemicals are needed just to grow enough conventional cotton for a regular T-shirt.
As a mother, those facts are terrifying to me.   I prefer organic cotton because it is free of chemicals and pesticides. I want the softest, most natural items to come in contact with my kid's skin. You don't ingest the cotton but it does come in contact with your body's largest organ, your skin.

I was sent a Large Organic Appletree bib for babies ages 5 months and up. It retails for $12.  I was also sent an Organic Apple Tree Burp Cloth/Lovey. It retails for $15 You can purchase them as a gift set for $27.00

Ashleybug Organics is offering 10% off your entire order and free shipping for the month of July!

When I received the items, I was amazed at the quality!  The fabric used to make both items is very thick.  This is so important when baby is sick.  You don't want thin material  that allows food or spit up to saturate the burp cloth.  I immediately put the burp cloth to the test.   It was really super absorbent!!   I won't elaborate, as a new mother you can imagine....  The bib works great to keep baby dry when they are going through the teething phase and drooling all over the place.   It's so frustrating to get my baby all cleaned up and dressed only to find out the bib is soaked through with drool and so is their shirt.  Not the case with Ashleybug Organics bib!  I love the amount of space around the neck of the bib.   It's the perfect length and not to tight around the neck  The items I was sent to sample are highly functional but also so cute!!  All designs are printed with water based inks on organic cotton sateen.  All products have organic cotton flannel backing. They are washed and pre-shrunk in all natural eco-friendly detergent. I discovered  you can wash these over and over again. They hold their shape, softness and still look beautiful!

My tester baby wouldn't hold still for a picture.  I'm sure as a mother you can relate.  The picture above is from the Ashleybug website.   As you can see, the bib is perfectly proportional to protect babies clothing when feeding and also catch drool!   The burp cloth/lovey is also great,  as a comforting item when feeding or baby is relaxing.   My kids would rub them on their fingers to go to sleep.   These items would make a great baby shower gift for a new expecting mom or for your own sweet baby!

From Northern Virginia Magazine Online

Local and Lovely: Baby Organics from Ashleybug

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Large Dragonfly Bib (Ashleybug.com)

Hello there, shoppers. As any parent will tell you, burp cloths and bibs are absolute baby musts. At first, I wasn’t so sure about the bibs, but now that my baby girl has entered the world of bright orange and pukey green solids, I’m a believer.

While burp cloths and bibs are functional friends, when you see so much of them, having them be stylish is a big plus. They’re almost like an accessory; and it doesn’t get more fun than baby accessories. But, most importantly, you want your babe’s tender skin to be surrounded by the best in fabrics but don’t want to pay a bundle. Thanks to Centreville-based Ashleybug Organics, you can have it all.

The local company features adorable custom designs of organic sateen, organic flannel-backed bibs and burp cloths for reasonable prices (small bibs: $10, large bibs: $12, burp cloths: $15, gift sets: $25-$35).

Function, fashion, eco-friendliness and frugality — score! The site is even running a month-long special that will save you more moolah: The code 5OFF will save you $5 on any order of $25 or more in June.

Such a great gift idea!

Happy shopping!

– Natalie Kaar

From The Little Hen House 4/29/2011

Cutest Drool Bibs Ever

My original plan was to take some really cute pictures of Annie in her Ashleybug Organics drool bib and put them up here so you guys could tell me how cute she is. I mean, how cute the bib is. Duh.

Well, both of the girls have the stomach flu right now and there just hasn’t really been a “picture perfect” moment in the last couple of days. I’d hate not to do Ashleybug Organics its well-deserved justice. Plus, you guys really don’t need to see what’s happening over here right now. Trust me.

So, I stole this picture off the Ashleybug Organics website. Trust me- this baby is looking waaaay better than either one of my girls are.

This drool bib/burp cloth set would make an awesome unique baby shower gift, or maybe you just want to surprise a mama you know who’s been dealing with a fussy, drooly, teething baby. Heck- maybe you’ll just keep the prize for yourself! There certainly won’t be any judging from the peanut gallery.

Here’s another great reason to support Ashleybug Organics: It’s owned by a totally regular person named Ashley, who is like the sweetest girl you could ever meet. She started this little ‘ol company all on her own and I so admire her entrepreneurial spirit and drive. She is passionate about making quality products at an affordable price, and all her designs have been tested on real-life babies that drool and spit up. She is totally committed to the cause!


Reviews of other products

This is where WE do the reviews!  We especially love to try other eco-friendly products :)

Teddy Needs a Bath

We were approached by the lovely Nicole to do a review of her wonderful product.  Teddy Needs a Bath is a special wash bag for all of your child's very loved stuffed animals.  Everyone knows that germs and allergens like to hang around on stuffed toys and washing them can sometimes be an issue.  After you wrestle it from your child, who knows if it will come out of the washing machine in one piece.  That's where Teddy Needs a Bath comes in! 

Created by a mom, it is so easy to use!  I washed some very old and loved stuffed animals (almost 30 years old) and tossed all of them together in the very large bag.  The thing I love most about the product is the piece of elastic that covers the chunky zipper so there's no way that the zipper will come undone in the wash.  They recommend that you use a front loading washer and dryer which I assume is to avoid mishaps with an agitator. 

The packaging for this product is recycled which is AWESOME!  My one disappointment is that the cotton isn't organic which isn't super eco-friendly due to all the pesticides used to produce it.  It is also made in China rather than the US.


Love this product because it is now possible to pass down toys from when I was a kid.  It won't wear out and can be used over and over.  I was amazed how revived old stuffed animals looked!  No washing wear and tear which you usually see if you wash in pillow cases or mesh bags.  It's a super easy way to keep your child's most loved toys clean and safe for them!!! 

Head on over to www.teddyneedsabath.com to find out more information including where to buy/order.

Funshine bear and the bunny haven't looked this good since they were brand new!  Oh how fluffy and happy they look :)  I'm a believer...